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Kerry Washington-Asomugha, actress & mother

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“Creating Clarity has been a lifesaver! They are an amazing group of professional organizers that are not only hardworking and extremely efficient, but also delightful to work with. They make the entire “organizational” process much easier and virtually painless! I can’t even begin to describe how many times Creating Clarity has come through for me, despite my hectic schedule and last minute plans, I can always count on Pamela and her team of organizers to help me get things done.”


Milla Jovovich, actress & mother

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“Keeping your home streamlined and organized can be challenging and stressful. We always dread those two words “spring cleaning”. I’ve worked with Creating Clarity a number of times now because they made the process so easy! They take the guess work out of the way, helping me restore balance to mine and my family’s environment while saving my time and sanity!”


Tess Sanchez, EVP of casting for FOX & mother & Max Greenfield, actor & father

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“Jamie and her team at Creating Clarity took each room by storm. Drawers and closets were sorted, organized, & labeled, it was beautiful magic. They put easy to follow systems in place to help us maintain order for our busy life. We are so grateful!”


Akbar Gbaja-biamila, father, Host of American Ninja Warrior & former NFL linebacker for the Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins & Crystal Gbaja-biamila, mother

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“They say that death, divorce, and moving are three of the most stressful life changers. My wife and I were super excited to purchase our new home, but quickly realized the daunting task of moving into a new home. We were eager to have a fresh start and realized that this wasn’t our strength. We have a busy life with four kids and knew we needed help. We first became aware of Creating Clarity through a recommendation from a family friend. Immediately we could see that Pamela and her team had the talent and interpersonal skills for working with people and getting us organized for our new home. As we worked together through the organizational process, we saw we were not wrong. What we admire most about Creating Clarity is their determination to make a daunting process easy. If you dream of being organized Creating Clarity will make your dream come true. We highly recommend their services.”


Barbara Hall, creator of Madam Secretary, television writer, producer, novelist, singer-songwriter and mother

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“I have used Creating Clarity for 4 of my moves over the years. I hire them because they know what they are doing, are punctual, professional, efficient and are good at helping me edit out items I no longer use. At this point I just hand them my keys, tell them I am moving and they will come in to pack everything, coordinate with their moving company, unpack and organize my new home. They take care of any permits needed, bringing things to be shredded, the dump, donation, etc. They coordinate with my designers to decide on custom furniture for functionality as well as style. They make sure the designers have everything they need to get their end of the project completed in a timely fashion as well. I completely trust their skills in organizing and know where everything is when I move in because of their detailed labeling. I am able to continue focusing on my work while knowing everything in my move is in good hands! I would highly recommend Creating Clarity for anyone that is going to be moving and doesn’t want to have to deal with the stress of it!”

Rich Sullivan

Richard Sullivan, VP of Finance (FP&A) at Twitter

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“Creating Clarity should just move into my home because that is how valuable they are to me. I have an extremely busy schedule and I hired Pamela with Creating Clarity back in 2008 to get my home organized. It started with a closet and once I saw how efficiently they worked I had to have them do the rest of my home including the garage. They are professional, on time and down to earth. Since the initial organizing I have hired them to come back frequently to do maintenance and finally I just decided to have them come a half session every week to maintain my house whether it is meeting a contractor, putting my clothing back in order for me, sorting the mail or helping me to prepare for a party at my home. I have worked with many of the other staff on the Creating Clarity team and I trust them all in my home and know that I am in good hands!”


Gabriela Roses, Producer, Fashion Designer & Model

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“Creating Clarity not only helped me organize my life, but gave me the peace of mind I needed to be more productive and less stressed. Pamela and the whole team worked with me to create a system that was tailored to my needs and lifestyle. Thanks to them, I have saved invaluable time and am happier because of it.“

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Patricia St.Pierre

Job Position

“Owner at Essential Home Maintenance I have referred Pamela with Creating Clarity for my clients looking for an organizer and received excellent feedback from those clients. She has assisted them with relocation, whole home & garage organization. Professionalism and knowledge are the two biggest accolades I hear repeatedly along with being supportive, respectful, and non-judgmental. Pamela has excellent project management skills and has a plan before she begins and arrives at the home with all the tools she needs to be prepared and save time. “

Jordan Budde, Writer & Producer

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“My partner and I live busy lives and just moved into a home we had been renovating. So needless to say our space had gotten disorganized and messy. I was skeptical about using Creating Clarity at first, since I usually do all the organizing myself. No more! Pamela and her team have created much more than clarity in our lives. They’ve added beauty, order and efficiency. (And less arguments with my partner about things getting lost or too messy!) What a God send Creating Clarity has been. Pamela is kind, unobtrusive and collaborative. I highly recommend her services. Five-star rating. Her organizing skills will make your life so much easier!“

Jeri Okamoto, writer, non-profit founder, advocate, and mother

Job Position

“I’ve been working with the Creating Clarity team for several years and they have helped me navigate as a “sandwich generation“ parent and care giving daughter, with health challenges of my own. With great sensitivity and humor, they helped me to move my father into assisted living and get settled and move my daughter in and out of her college dorms. They came to my rescue like Superwomen when my home flooded and we had to pack and evacuate quickly; they also coordinated with the crew during renovations developing space planning advice. They continue to provide ongoing assistance with home/office organization. I can’t imagine life without the support of the amazing Clarity team!! They bring sunshine and, yes, clarity in all they do! I give them my highest praise and recommendation for their conscientious and professional services and upbeat attitude.“

Ellen Picataggio, Partner at Farmer’s Daughter Hotel & Tart Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA & mother

Job Position

“I have used Pamela Morrone and her company’s services several times and I cannot commend them enough. I have had many very intricate and important projects that they have helped me administer and supervise. I would not have been able to complete them without their help. I run several businesses and have two small children so I really appreciate their ability to manage themselves throughout a project and can act on my behalf without me having to micromanage them. They have been my right hand in: relocating three large residences, organizing a business, and organizing a household. Their expertise and professionalism has shown through especially during difficult moments in the projects. Where other companies work with certain limitations and punch the clock, Creating Clarity have provided services above and beyond in the time of need. If I could hire them full time I would!“

Melinda Dilger, Supervising Producer & mother

Job Position

“Pamela was hired years ago to help me get organized at home and I was absolutely amazed at how fast she got things done. I’ve hired her on occasion since then and even had her help move our studio. Now, our workplace and my home life are free from clutter and are happy places to be. I really enjoy Pamela’s friendly demeanor and creative ideas on staying organized on a daily basis. She’s incredible – I highly recommend Creating Clarity to anyone who loves living in a clean, organized environment and want it fast.“

Heather Bath, Business Entrepreneur & mother

Job Position

“Jamie is amazing. She totally takes charge! Once she understands your needs she does it . . . not you. Now she just arrives and implements and I am one happy person as I have systems that now work for my family.
You won’t be disappointed.”

Susan Borst, social worker, education, advocate & mother

Job Position

“Hiring a professional organizer has been a luxurious gift I have never allowed myself. “Too expensive.“ “I should be able to do this myself.“ “One of these days when things settle down…..“ I said those for years. Finally, when the unexpected need to move my folks to CA came, I asked myself what freeing up my mind, my life, my room, and being able to work in a stress free, ORGANIZED, nurturing environment was worth. It was priceless. Jamie is God Sent. Amazing. Compassionate. Insightful. Tough. Nurturing. Inventive. Firm. Creative. Fast. Funny. Forgiving. Committed to helping her clients with the things her clients need in the way they need it. If you want them to do it all for you, they will. I wanted to be part of the process so that I could learn, have input, create and practice new habits alongside Jamie. It is worth every penny and more. Whether it is for yourself, your business or your loved ones, you will never regret the release of stress, the ease of the process, the incredibly workable personalized organization system that will be set up, and the encouragement, confidence and learning you will gain along the way. We went from “we can’t afford this“ to “what else can we get their help with“? They are that good.“

Kelly Miracco, actress

Job Position

“I cannot say enough about Creating Clarity. I found them through our interior designer who has used them on many projects. They were always professional, pleasant to deal with but most importantly they did an incredible job. They assessed our move-in needs which included sorting through storage and donating to Salvation Army. Once construction was completed they were ready to move us in in a very organized manner. They brought in and managed a great cleaning crew to rid our house of dust. They organized our bathrooms, closets and kitchen. After 3 days, our home looked like we had lived there for 6 months. They work well with contractors and designers and will accommodate the needs of others to make the homeowner have a stress-free experience. In addition, they sort through paperwork and will maintain your household organization beautifully on a maintenance program if needed. Creating Clarity has a strict non-disclosure agreement that all employees sign providing the utmost in privacy with regards to paperwork and lifestyle.“

Al Samuels, Actor and President & CEO of Spark Creative

Job Position

“Thank you so much for the organizational help yesterday! My organizer was, in a word, amazing. My wife and I were blown away at what she accomplished in only four hours. We got all of our moving boxes unpacked and a simple and attractive organizational system for our rooms. We got clear and simple recommendations on what to do after our she left. And somehow, even with 15 boxes unpacked, we have more room in our place than we had before we unpacked. After watching all of those reality shows about organization, and seeing the transformations in people’s homes, I woke up to realize “Hey, I have one of those homes now! I can’t describe the feeling of walking into our bedroom closet today to see everything so well organized. It was just so…peaceful. Our organizer really was great and we’d highly recommend her, and use her (and Creating Clarity) again.”

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