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Home Organizing-

  • Kitchen & Pantries
  • Garage
  • Closets
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Areas
  • Playrooms & Nurseries
  • Storage & Craft Rooms
  • Specialty Rooms (Gift Wrapping Room, Home Theatre, Fitness Room, Game Room, etc.)



Additional Services-

We pride ourselves on being as basic or as full-service as our clients may need. We see the value in taking things full circle and making sure there are no loose ends when we finish with a job.  If there is a task we are not able to complete for a client more often than not we have a great resource we can refer. Here are some additional services that the staff of Creating Clarity® provides:


  • Wardrobe Stylist & Shopper
  • Estate Management/Maintenance Services
  • Donate and Haul Services
  • Shred Services
  • Shopping for Organizational Needs
  • Access to Qualified Vendors



Already know that you do not want to or don’t have the time to maintain your newly organized space? Learn More about our Clarity Check-up Maintenance Plan™ available to our current clients! **Can you link this to bring them to the Maintenance Plan page?





Organizing Your Move **Note: Please rename the header to this

  • Categorize & Sort your Items
  • Pack & Inventory your Items
  • Coordinate Movers and Other Vendors
  • Supervise Movers and Manage Move Day
  • Unpack Boxes
  • Organize and Set Up your New Home



Home Office Organizing **Note: Please rename the header to this

  • Filing Systems
  • Paper Management
  • Tax Preparation
  • Office Supply Area








Virtual Organizing

Have you told yourself that you can’t get organized for any of these reasons?

  • I travel too much and/or am not home enough to get organized
  • There isn’t a professional organizer in my area
  • I don’t feel comfortable having someone physically in my space
  • I can’t afford to have a 4-5 hour session but could really use a jump-start and some direction
  • I want to do it myself!……but I’ve been saying that for years and haven’t succeeded.


The Expert Professional Organizers at Creating Clarity® can help you to achieve organization even if we are not able to work together in person!



  1. We Do The Work

We do all of the hands-on work from YOUR home and FaceTime/Skype with you during the sorting process. This way you can be part of crucial sorting decisions and still accommodate your travel schedule.  You would be aware of the game plan and systems that we would like to put into place every step of the way.


Best Fit for: The busy person who travels a lot and is not able to be home to sort with us.


  1. You Do The Work

We set up scheduled FaceTime/Skype sessions that can range from 15min. – 45min. Goals are set for the session and your Expert Professional Organizer will give you specific items to tackle.  There will be a check-in with you at various times of your session to make sure you are staying focused and on track to achieve your organizing goals.


Best Fit for: The motivated person that can stay focused if given specific small manageable tasks